Sunday, 27 July 2014

Gods, Gladiators...and an amazing read!!!

When the Olympian Gods contest that the Romans aren’t nearly as mighty as they think they are, Ares, the God of War, is the first one to prove it by spending a month as a Roman. Ares arrives in Rome as a Gladiator, thrilled to have a human body in which to kick some ass. His first chance at Gladiator glory is to reenact the slaughter of the Sabines but when Ares spots a beautiful slave with eyes blazing with courage, he refuses to tear through the defenseless prisoners.

Eirana of the Gauls is only one of hundreds of women taken as slaves by the Romans. Weaponless and starved for days, she’s forced into the coliseum to be symbolically massacred. She’s seen the infamous Gladiators in action enough to know there will be no mercy. But then something incredible happens, one Gladiator chooses to protect the defenseless women. He claims to be a God, but he bleeds just like a human.

Eirana is the most incredible being Ares has ever seen. With only a month in the human realm, the God refuses to leave until knowing she is safe. But if he can conquer the Romans keeping her as a slave, will his heart still be able to let her go?


As a lover of historical romances of any kind, I must admit I was more than a wee bit excited to see this book! Once I started it I was loathed to put it down! From the very opening sentence to the last this one oozed the history of Rome, the brutality and the passion. Eirana is a woman who is strong, she's not willing to surrender...but she's not focusing on her own self, but rather on others. I found her to be a likeable character I could cheer for with each page I turned.

Ares started off very...well, needless to say, I'm familiar with Roman and Greek mythology and so I wasn't sure if I would find him likeable or even redeemable. After all, he is the god of war! But with each page I turned, each hint of human kindness and devotion he showed Eirana I felt myself liking him a little more.

This is a fast paced story filled with Roman history, mythology, and passion. Its a must read for anyone who loves a good story they can get lost in.

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