Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Congrat's to Tara

The Winner of the Beachwalk Love on the Beach blog hop. She wins a copy of the Forsaken series and a bottle of our custom made nail polish.

Thank you to everyone who took part, your participation is greatly appreciated.


Monday, 1 July 2013

Love on The Beach

Forsaken Heart -
Why I love Beachwalk Press:
When Ciara and I first started the idea of the Forsaken Series, we weren't sure who we could sub this project to. Its a large, complex project unlike anything we've ever tried to do. Beachwalk Press was amazing when we approched them with the idea. Pam Tyner - the owner - was enthusiastic and excited. After we submitted the first stories we discovered several even more amazing things.
Pam was happy to see our work, she understood this is a large series full of beings not everyone would consider to be the prime candidate for a romance...but she let us explore our creativitiy.
Not only did we find a great home for our stories, but we found a publisher who is open to communication, to engaging her authors and promoting their efforts. We were welcomed into the Beachwalk Babes without question and treated as part of the group. For us, the ability and promptness of communcations, the respect and appreciation of our writing voice and style, as well as the family atmosphere are just fantaastic. There's nowhere else we think we'd like to be with our series.
For more details check out Beackwalk Press's blog here
To Enter into the draw for the grand prizes, you will NEED to leave your email address in your comment on the blogs. The more comments the better. Good luck and Happy Blog hop!
Ciara and I will be giving away custom designed nail polishes as well as copies of our books to the winners of our blog hop.