Monday, 7 May 2012

Mr. Right Now

Her heels in her hands, Celine strolled along the edge of the water. Sun warmed surf washed over her toes, the setting sun casting it in gold. The beauty did little to hold her attention, rather her mind was focused on her father and her upcoming wedding.
Charles Kretall had long since decided her future in the coldest, most proficient manner she'd ever witnessed. She shudered at the memories playing through her mind.
"You'll do as I have instructed Celine. I haven't worked tirelessly for you to refuse the generousity of another."
"Did you stop to think of me at all?" Tears threatened. "You're marrying me off to one of your friends to keep a business contract. Am I of so little..."
"Do no question me, Celine. On June fifteenth you and Robert will be wed. The wedding planner will be here momentarily, I would recommend you resign yourself to this and take pride in the event."
Celine stared at him from across his desk. Her eyes burned, throat tightened with rage and disgust. "You plan it. I'll have no part in being whored out for your business."
Agony sprouted along her jaw as his meaty hand lashed out. Reeling from the blow she straightened, her trembling hands smoothing her skirt over her hips. "I envy mother, I truly do." Turning she stalked from the stuffy interior of her father's office.
Shivering despite the heat of the tropical weather, Celine stared out over the rolling waves, her heart breaking. Pride the only thing keeping the tears at bay. Two months and her father hadn't changed his mind. No, he'd paraded her before Robert Jennkins like a broodmare in his stable, praising her intelligence, her beauty, and ignoring the pain in her eyes.
"Damn him to hell."

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  1. Nice start, Elise. Promises to be a meaty plot.

  2. Hmm makes me wonder what's coming next week lol...

  3. Oh, nice beginning. I can't wait to find out what happens next.

  4. Nice start, I want to know if her mom ran or is dead.