Sunday, 27 July 2014

Gods, Gladiators...and an amazing read!!!

When the Olympian Gods contest that the Romans aren’t nearly as mighty as they think they are, Ares, the God of War, is the first one to prove it by spending a month as a Roman. Ares arrives in Rome as a Gladiator, thrilled to have a human body in which to kick some ass. His first chance at Gladiator glory is to reenact the slaughter of the Sabines but when Ares spots a beautiful slave with eyes blazing with courage, he refuses to tear through the defenseless prisoners.

Eirana of the Gauls is only one of hundreds of women taken as slaves by the Romans. Weaponless and starved for days, she’s forced into the coliseum to be symbolically massacred. She’s seen the infamous Gladiators in action enough to know there will be no mercy. But then something incredible happens, one Gladiator chooses to protect the defenseless women. He claims to be a God, but he bleeds just like a human.

Eirana is the most incredible being Ares has ever seen. With only a month in the human realm, the God refuses to leave until knowing she is safe. But if he can conquer the Romans keeping her as a slave, will his heart still be able to let her go?


As a lover of historical romances of any kind, I must admit I was more than a wee bit excited to see this book! Once I started it I was loathed to put it down! From the very opening sentence to the last this one oozed the history of Rome, the brutality and the passion. Eirana is a woman who is strong, she's not willing to surrender...but she's not focusing on her own self, but rather on others. I found her to be a likeable character I could cheer for with each page I turned.

Ares started off very...well, needless to say, I'm familiar with Roman and Greek mythology and so I wasn't sure if I would find him likeable or even redeemable. After all, he is the god of war! But with each page I turned, each hint of human kindness and devotion he showed Eirana I felt myself liking him a little more.

This is a fast paced story filled with Roman history, mythology, and passion. Its a must read for anyone who loves a good story they can get lost in.

Want to grab a copy of this fantastic book! You can find it on HERE:
To read more of her work you can check her out at Beachwalk Press, or via her blog and website.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Congrat's to Tara

The Winner of the Beachwalk Love on the Beach blog hop. She wins a copy of the Forsaken series and a bottle of our custom made nail polish.

Thank you to everyone who took part, your participation is greatly appreciated.


Monday, 1 July 2013

Love on The Beach

Forsaken Heart -
Why I love Beachwalk Press:
When Ciara and I first started the idea of the Forsaken Series, we weren't sure who we could sub this project to. Its a large, complex project unlike anything we've ever tried to do. Beachwalk Press was amazing when we approched them with the idea. Pam Tyner - the owner - was enthusiastic and excited. After we submitted the first stories we discovered several even more amazing things.
Pam was happy to see our work, she understood this is a large series full of beings not everyone would consider to be the prime candidate for a romance...but she let us explore our creativitiy.
Not only did we find a great home for our stories, but we found a publisher who is open to communication, to engaging her authors and promoting their efforts. We were welcomed into the Beachwalk Babes without question and treated as part of the group. For us, the ability and promptness of communcations, the respect and appreciation of our writing voice and style, as well as the family atmosphere are just fantaastic. There's nowhere else we think we'd like to be with our series.
For more details check out Beackwalk Press's blog here
To Enter into the draw for the grand prizes, you will NEED to leave your email address in your comment on the blogs. The more comments the better. Good luck and Happy Blog hop!
Ciara and I will be giving away custom designed nail polishes as well as copies of our books to the winners of our blog hop.  

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Love at the Beach Blog Hop July 1 through July 14


Two years ago this month Beachwalk Press released our first books. To celebrate, we're hosting a Love on the Beach blog hop. This will run from July 1st through July 14th. Over 20 Beachwalk Press authors are participating and we have some fabulous prizes to give away.
The grand prize is a Kindle Paperlight!
Additional prizes include:
* A beach tote bag filled with Beachwalk Press print books (winner's choice of 5 print titles)
* Two gift certificates of $25 each (winners' choice of GC from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or All Romance Ebooks)
Also, each author will be giving away an additional prize of their choosing.
That's almost 30 prizes in total!
To be entered into the drawings just click on the authors' names listed below to visit their blog, then leave a comment with your email address included.
Each author will be posting a spotlight on one of their Beachwalk Press books (or a spotlight on a series they have with Beachwalk Press), and they will also be sharing what drew them to publish with us. Warning: You'll be seeing some great books, so expect your 'I want to read it' list to increase

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Merry Christmas Mrs Todd

Merry Christmas Mrs Todd
Juggling the bag of groceries, Mary fumbled with the keys to her apartment. She bit back a sigh at the faint sound of a holiday tune throbbing through the neighbor's door. It had been years since she'd looked forward to the holiday.
“Stupid holiday, stupid music, stupid memories.” Muttering under her breath she managed to get the door open and stumbled through the door just as the bottom of the bag ripped, spilling the contents across the hallway floor.
Tears threatened, burning the backs of her eyes as she began gathering the fruit and vegetables. She tucked everything into the large basket she kept by the front door for her keys and mail.
Her fingers closed around a bag of grapes seconds before another hand closed around it. She glanced up into the concerned gaze of a tall, dark haired man. A touch of silver at his temples revealed his age. Straightening, she pulled the fruit from his hand and clutched it to her chest. Only through sheer strength of will did she keep herself from rubbing at the burning sensation on the back of her hand.
“Morning.” White teeth flashed with his grin. “Walt, I'm in 208. You look like you have your hands full.” He gestured to the other bags of groceries sitting on the floor.
“Uh Mary. Thank you, but I can manage.” Her voice tight, she offered a weak smile as she reached for the door and stepped through it. Bending down, she grabbed for the other just as he did.
“Here you go.” He held it out with a quick wink. “Merry Christmas.”
Mary closed the door with a soft click, her heart racing as the sound of his whistled version of White Christmas faded from around her. Licking her dry lips, she turned to stare at the cold, empty expanse of her apartment. A year John had been gone, and the pain hadn't eased. She wondered if it was the pain of his dying or the betrayal at finding he'd taken her best friend with him to Vegas for a week. A business trip that had nothing to do with the electronic company he'd run.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Mr. Right Now cont'd

Tossing his sweaty tee at the laundry basket, Klien glanced out his bedroom window.  His gaze swept the beach as he kicked off his sneakers. A full moon reflected off the rolling waves, casting a silver blanket over the beach.
White sand spread out along the curve of the bay. He could see the faint bobbing lights of a yacht at the edge of the cliffs. "Great, yet another trespasser. Don't they know this is a private beach?" Heaving a breath, he turned, intent on showering before he headed out again. Every muscle froze, his eye catching the slim figure wandering along the edge of the water, her feet splashing in the waves.
His shower forgotten, Klien grabbed a fresh shirt and slipped into his sandles before heading outside. The wooden stairs creaked beneath his feet as he hurried down to the beach. Who was the woman? What was she doing on his beach?
Did she belong to the yacht? He shook his head, the questions rolling did little to ease the frustration boiling through him. Trotting down the sand he swallowed as he got closer.  An expensive evening gown clung to her figure, the hem a few inches below her behind. Dark hair spilled across pale shoulders to the curve of a luscious ass. The woman's hourglass figure was kissed by the night.
The woman whirled, her eyes widening in surprise. Full lips parted, the flash of white teeth hidden quickly as she regained her composure.
"Yes? Can I help you?"
"Yeah, you can. Do you know this is a private beach?"
The woman's brow crinkled and she shrugged. "Is it? I'm sorry, I didn't realize it. Just wanted to get away for a bit."
"And the luxury yacht isn't enough..."
"Its my fathers." All warmth bled from her voice as she glanced out to sea. "And I have little use for it. He's entertaining this evening."
"And you don't feel upto entertaining?"
She offered a cold, brittle laugh. "You could say that. Look, I'm sorry for trespassing. If you wouldn't mind terribly calling me a cab I'll leave."
Klein stared at her. Butterflies danced along his nerves as he stared at her. His irritation faded to be replaced by a burning need to spend more time with her. "No worries. I get kids coming by to make out and its a bit frustrating. I'm Klien Martria."
"Celine Kertall."
Shock ripped through the faint attraction as he stared at the woman before him. "Your father's..."
"Yes." Pain flashed in her eyes before she lowered them. "Could you call a cab for me?"
"Sure." Klein offered his hand. "Or I can drop you wherever you need to go? Or you could stick around and take a walk with me. I can't say as I blame you for wanting to take a stroll, its a beautiful night."
"Thank you." Slipping her hand into his, Celine offered a genuine smile.
Turning, Klein hid a grin at the electical shock racing up his arm. The night was turning around for him...

to be continued.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Mr. Right Now

Her heels in her hands, Celine strolled along the edge of the water. Sun warmed surf washed over her toes, the setting sun casting it in gold. The beauty did little to hold her attention, rather her mind was focused on her father and her upcoming wedding.
Charles Kretall had long since decided her future in the coldest, most proficient manner she'd ever witnessed. She shudered at the memories playing through her mind.
"You'll do as I have instructed Celine. I haven't worked tirelessly for you to refuse the generousity of another."
"Did you stop to think of me at all?" Tears threatened. "You're marrying me off to one of your friends to keep a business contract. Am I of so little..."
"Do no question me, Celine. On June fifteenth you and Robert will be wed. The wedding planner will be here momentarily, I would recommend you resign yourself to this and take pride in the event."
Celine stared at him from across his desk. Her eyes burned, throat tightened with rage and disgust. "You plan it. I'll have no part in being whored out for your business."
Agony sprouted along her jaw as his meaty hand lashed out. Reeling from the blow she straightened, her trembling hands smoothing her skirt over her hips. "I envy mother, I truly do." Turning she stalked from the stuffy interior of her father's office.
Shivering despite the heat of the tropical weather, Celine stared out over the rolling waves, her heart breaking. Pride the only thing keeping the tears at bay. Two months and her father hadn't changed his mind. No, he'd paraded her before Robert Jennkins like a broodmare in his stable, praising her intelligence, her beauty, and ignoring the pain in her eyes.
"Damn him to hell."

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